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Below is a list of the trainings and services NLELITESKILLS offers. Please read each description and contact us for all your training needs. 

One on One Training


NLELITESKILLS specializes in individual training for all ages. Individual training is valuable for players who are looking for more detailed skill development training that's designed specifically for that individuals game. Individual sessions focus on shooting, ball handling, footwork, agility, and several other aspects of the players game. Our individual sessions are intense, instructional, hands on, and very beneficial for players who want to focus on particular areas of their game. Please email us to schedule your individual training session today. 

Team Training


NLELITESKILLS specializes in team training for all ages. Whether your team is a high school varsity team, a middle school basketball team, or a summer AAU basketball team NLELITESKILLS would love to help your team develop. Our team workouts are broken into two phases. The first phase is designed to help each player develop their games individually, in this phase we focus on individual ball handling, shooting, passing and agility. The second phase of the workout is spent developing the team. In this phase we focus on team shooting, team passing and communication, team offensive and defensive drills and conditioning. Our team sessions help build team chemistry and cohesiveness. If you're a coach or parent who's looking to help your team get to that next level, please email us and schedule a team training session.

Group Training


NLELITESKILLS specializes in group training for all ages. Open Group Training is unique because on any given day you can come to a session and train with players of all ages, both male and female,from all levels; youth, high school, collegiate and professional players. Our open group sessions are our "most popular" sessions and it's also our most intense session. The sessions usually have anywhere from 3-8 players per session. The workouts are designed to give the players a full workout, focusing on ball handling, shooting, passing, agility, defense, and conditioning. Workouts are ran at a very high level and are also informative. If you are a player looking to get better and you love competing and training with others, Open Group Training is perfect for you. Please email us to schedule your open group training session today. 


Strength & Conditioning
Athletes looking to take there game to the next level by getting bigger,faster, and stronger, NLELITESKILLS can design a workout plan specifically for you.Programs consists of plyometric training, resistance band training, weight-lifting,speed and agility drills, and dynamic stretching. NLELITESKILLS also offers nutritional advice and motivational support.
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