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NLEITESKILLS has helped my son improve his basketball skill more then he imagine. I have been impressed with the noticeable change in his demeanor and him being more confident to shoot the ball more 

 -Laletia Conway ( Parent )

NLEITESKILLS has been a blessing for young athletes in the ArkLaTex area. Kids really get to improve there skills! Thanks Vic Morris !!!!

-Jeff Carr

NLELITESKILLS Training was a blessing to my family. My son is only nine and was being bullied at school . By begin bullied it caused my sons self esteem to drop along wit his grades. Once I got in touch with Coach Morris and he started working with him his self esteem came up along with his grades. Although he is nine he was practicing with the older boys. By doing this it develop his skills faster . Hearing he could do everything the older boys could do took him to another level.I thank God for the oppurtunity and putting this on the staff heart. I will recommend NLELITESKILLS Training to anyone that wants to go over and beyond.

-Kela Davis(Parent)

I think that NLELITESKILLS Training is a good program. Everything you do in the training helps you prepare yourself in the game. There is always someone pushing you to do better in the process of working. Most of all you working hard and improving yourself. I went from not being able to dribble a ball to dribbling perfectly. If you love the game then that is the place to go.

-Trent Ivy (Airline High Class of 2018)










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